Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas and other updates

Pictures with santa
So here is our first Christmas in Korea! We had a Christmas eve dinner with some friends and then opened Christmas Pajamas. For about a month before Christmas I have been introducing the boys to Christmas and Santa Claus, he loves the Polar express, Frosty, and Rudolph. Santa Claus is always followed by a hohoho. We have been talking about the birth of Jesus and the wonderful blessings that come from the season of Christmas. T kind of understood Santa coming to our house and bring presents. When he came out of the room he reacted with a  "wow wow!" we opened presents, had breakfast and just enjoyed hanging out until church. After church we came home to play with toys and enjoyed being a family.

 Christmas is a little different here in Korea there are little to no decorations in town and Christmas is just another day. Not many places have the familiar Christmas music playing or the crazy last minuet shoppers crowding the stores and streets, well the streets are always crowded but you get the picture. But at our house it was so fun to feel the spirit of Christmas, to go on post and wish someone a Merry Christmas and they answer back. It was especially fun to watch T really start to feel and see Christmas and enjoy the joy that comes with the season. H still doesn't completely understand but loved opening presents. He is already a pro at ripping those presents open. We miss our family and friends but are loving being together as a little family.
Decorating the tree

hmmm... yep that looks right

Decorating cookies

Hunter decorating cookies?

The view from our window! Christmas eve morning

Helping daddy do dishes

Got to be like dad

Christmas Pajamas

"Wow Wow"

Santa came

Opening stockings

Playing with his new golf clubs from Bapa



Playing with cars while watching cars, Ts favorite way to spend a morning
Merry Christmas!

The boys loot


My friend Nichole Richter came to visit! We had a blast! She was here for two weeks and we did'nt stop the entire time. We shopped, explored, laughed, talked, and caught up on life. I loved having her here and the boys loved having her here. I am so glad she able to make it out here and play with us!
Yummy food

Driving around



Seoul Tower

Shopping, Korean's often spell things how they sound to them which = urban compat!

Korea is Happy to see you!

T spent about and hour and a half here while we shopped. I dont even think he knew we were gone.

Monday, November 21, 2011


I am so thankful for my little oven, its not really a traditional Korean appliance to have in your kitchen. We decided to test the oven for its pie baking skills ( since the cupcake baking is always iffy) by making a pumpkin pie. T was a great helper!

Gotta turn  on the transponder! Please excuse the dishes in the background.


H helped too!

MMMM!! yep the oven baked it perfectly!

Bonous cute pictures!

Monday, October 31, 2011


We took the boys to a Trunk or Treat on post. T was a pirate and H was a Monkey, and they looked so cute! T had a little wardrobe malfunction by way of mom did'nt try on his costume until the night of the trunk or treat about an hour before we had to leave and it was to small. So we quickly came up with a plan B and he looked so cute! The boys seemed to have a good time and got a good amount of candy, mmm. The night before that we were helping at a Halloween party at the english school where I teach (one day a week for a few hours). The boys enjoyed themselves, T ran around playing games with the other kids and eating way more candy than he should have while I wasnt looking. Over all I think it was a pretty good Halloween for the two of them.

In other news we are still kicking here in Korea, Kenny works a lot so me and the boys like to go and find interesting things to do. T loves to ride the bus and the train so public transportation is an adventure all by itself.

He makes some funny faces

Doing the bean bag toss

Sliding down the inflatable slide

Waiting for the train home

Waiting for the train home

T loves to make H laugh

We go to the park in style, H runs all over the place and has a blast

Mmmm isnt sucking on rocks the best?